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GS Infrastructures three dimensional ground penetrating radar (GPR) services are implemented by a team of engineers that understand what it takes to deliver solutions.

Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive method used to scan below the surface to detect objects and distinguish between subsurface layers using high-frequency radio waves. A GPR transmits electromagnetic energy into the ground, the energy reaches an object or material boundary (subsurface layer) with a different dielectric constant and reflects or refracts energy back to the surface where multiple antennas record the changes in the return signal.

Our continuous improvement in product development and services ensures you’re receiving the highest quality of non-destructive testing services - from locating an object to a full depth bridge deck assessment. GPR is used as a tool in our BridgeGuard, FlightGuard, and RoadGuard, as well as available for emergency needs across the industry.

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GS Infrastructure strives to be a leading service provider of Non-Destructive Inspection.